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Bobbie was Executive Producer of the Drama Desk Awards in 1999, 2000 and Associate Producer in 2001. She produced the musical, "The Betrayal of Nora Blake" in London, where it received twelve out of twelve rave reviews. She also produced it in West Palm Beach, where it was voted "Best Florida Musical of 2001" by The Palm Beach Post. You can see the website at In the 70s, she produced Angel Street, A Black Girls Talks to God, Victims of Duty in New York theaters and in 1983 she produced The Great American Backstage Musical at Silver Lining, a cabaret theater, which she also managed and booked.

Bobbie Horowitz produced the musical The Betrayal of Nora Blake, written by John Meyer. It had a wonderful run in London at The Jermyn Street Theater.

It started with a reading at the 21 Club in NY.

The Story Of Nora Blake is a 1940s noir musical about twin fashion designers in NY. The good twin is a talented dress designer; her sister is the business head of their boutique -- and a murderess."

The reading at 21 Club's Puncheon Room will have a piano backing. Songs in the show include, "There's A Man In My Life," (which Margaret Whiting is recording on her next CD); "Walk Into The Morning," "A Date From The Beginning," "Daddy's Girl," and the big production number, "Fishnet And Chicken Bones." Horowitz explained that the latter title refers to the fact that during WWII, "it was hard to get fabrics and trimmings for dresses, so Nora devised a way to make garments out of fishnets and chicken bones." A new script, Nora Blake was first read before an audience in mid mid-April. The reaction was so strong, says Horowitz, she had three investors clamoring to be in on the process. "I agreed with the general manager that it was the most ready script we'd ever seen. It wasn't even a backers' reading; it was just to see how the script worked." Forbidden Broadway's Gerard Alessandrini has consulted on the project and even helped choose the reading's director, John Znidarsic. Appearing in the reading will be leads Tia Speros and Chris Gates; Gabor Morea, Annette Hunt, Stu Zagnit ("he plays a real sicko!" says Horowitz), and Jennifer Smith, who currently plays Princess #12 in Broadway's Once Upon A Mattress.

Then the show moved to The Jermyn Street Theatre in London
There were 11 GREAT reviews – Two more:

But at the Jermyn, a Glorious Musical Mockery:

MUCH better news, however, at the tiny Jermyn Street Theatre, where John Meyer's "The Betrayal of Nora Blake" is a wonderful addition to that long tradition of (usually off-Broadway) musical mockeries, shows like "Dames at Sea" and "Little Mary Sunshine" that managed simultaneously to celebrate and parody certain genres of old Hollywood movies.

This time we are in the l946 world of Lana Turner and Barbara Stanwyck movies, about mysterious but magnificently glamorous women caught up in murder plots of incredible complexity. As author, composer and lyricist, Meyer has come up with a masterly parody of all that and more, a score that harks back to Miklos Rosza and Franz Waxman. The actor Nickolas Grace, meanwhile, has directed an amazingly nimble production making the best use I have ever seen of the cramped Jermyn Street stage.

As the sisters, Claire Moore (the good) and Issy Van Randwyck (the bad) are just wonderful, while around them Michael Mateus, Andrew Wadsworth, John Levitt and Ann Wakefield make up an equally agile cast, all of whom must have spent hours watching midnight reruns of all the movies of this very precise postwar time to come up with such deadly accurate and wickedly mocking performances. This show clearly has a strong future off-Broadway; but having opened over here first for a change, I just hope it stays around long enough to catch the rest of us old movie freaks.

Sheridan Morley--NY Times: London