Testimonials – Image Consulting


Great presentation!  Thanks on behalf of the ILRAA.

Rick Lustig:  College of Industrial & Labor Relations Alumni Association

I had a great time chatting with you and got so much good information out of our meeting. I am so excited about going shopping and putting some of that information to use! I think I will feel more confident the next time I go in to audition knowing that I have made wardrobe choices that fit me and my personal palate/style, and that will translate into a better and more confident overall audition!

Catherine John, Performer


I always buy clothes in my colors now and wear them and dress in my style. My client base has grown.

Richard Horowitz, Psychoanalyst


I'm wearing a coral colored jacket over my grey sweater and getting compliments on its color!!

Rochelle Meyer, Vice President, Trust Officer: Cititrust



Testimonials: "Fit and Fabulous From Fifty Forward!"

I’ve been a long-term fan of Bobbie Horowitz for over fifty years. Bobbie’s vibrant writing style  and simple-to-choose minimum daily to do ideas will help you find a healthy, happy balance in your life. If you are young at heart, read this book".
Ken Blanchard – author of "Refire! Don't Retire-Makingt the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life! and co-author of "The  One Minute Manager" and "The One Minute Manager Balances Work and Life."


Testimonials:  "Find Your Mini-Qs(?)"  Book
(First Edition of my Fitness Book)
Published Nov. 2010


I’ve been a long-term fan of Bobbie Horowitz for fifty years. Bobbie’s vibrant writing style, positive attitude, and simple-to-choose ‘Mini-Q’ ideas will help you find a healthy, happy balance in your life. If you are young at heart, read this book.
Ken Blanchard – coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and The One Minute Manager balances work and life.


I’m doing my mini-Q’s – which so far are tummy tucks while at the computer….so inspired by your book!!!
Marian Hailey-Moss


I must say Bobbie, that you wrote an absolutely fantastic little book, "Find Your Mini-Qs"!  I enjoyed every page, right to the end.  I suggest to everyone to read her book, great story, by a great writer, and a great person.  Love to you, and BRAVO!
Barbara Stettner – Representative for Eric de Kolb Artwork


“I’ve been reading your book and I’m truly enjoying it. It’s so well written.”
Dr. Edmund S. Kaplan MD


I love you book! I just love your book!
Lucio Fernandez – Producer of Musical Events Union City Performing Arts Center,


I want to thank you again for your book – for writing it so clearly and in such a well-organized way.
Donna Lopez Retired Teacher, Singer

Bobbie talks to the people no one else is talking to. Frankly, I’m not all that impressed with looking great at 50 – isn’t that the new 30 anyway? But getting your body back at 60 and beyond? Now I’m paying attention. Bobbie’s living proof that you can find a way that makes sense for you, which is not even necessarily her way. Very smart, and very inspiring.
You will be happy to know that I’ve lost about 5 pounds since I saw you and am almost back in those skinny clothes I bought. Basically, it’s those few pounds between looking good-for-a-middle-aged-woman and looking (and feeling) flat-out-fabulous…thanks again.
Erika MooreRomance Language “We find the words. You find the love”


Started your book, and it is an inspiration (ie., YOU are an inspiration). It is so loving, empowering, clear cut, sensible, and positive – just like the author. Thank you for the gift.
Dr. Judith Alstadter Concert Pianist, Music Educator, Lecturer, and Recording Artist


Last night I went to bed reading your book. I plan to tell my friends about it, and send them the link to the Tele-seminar, especially my close little “coven” in Santa Fe.  The book is so encouraging and practical. Also, it addresses us women in that stage of life where many of us are afraid to acknowledge our ages — and you are helping us to redefine it with pride!  
 Elsie Maio – President: Maio & Co – Aligning Human Values, corporate Strategy and Brand Experience.


Just wanted to share that your book has been keeping me on track with the weight loss. Since the first week in February, I have loss 16 pounds.
Phyllis McCant  – Mother of a Dress To Get YES Workshop participant, actree Kellie McCant



Here are some things from your book, which I found particularly

1. I applaud your MISSION to help others love themselves. What could be better?
2. I love the idea of your goal to improve what I can and to learn how to
accept what I can’t improve. Very realistic and challenging. 3. I like the
distinction between “changing yourself” and learning how to “choose actions” to
eliminate “schmulz”. 4   I know I am still “camouflaging” parts of myself, and thanks
reminding me to work on this every day. 5. “Just be You!” 6. The Michelangelo image.
7. “There is no “perfect shape” or “having to be perfect”. Can’t hear that often
8.  French fries are the new cigarettes! 9.  No more “dull routines”!!  10. No more
denying myself!  11. Uncomfortable body sensations – helpful to listen. 12. “Excellence
is not an act but a habit.” 13. Everyone is gorgeous. Yes. 14. I love Sidney Myer,
too. What a dear man.
15. Change the way we talk to ourselves! Huge difference. 16. Be kinder to
ourselves!!! Forgiveness. 17. Eating different foods to eliminate craving for sweets.
18. Peter D’Adamo’s blood types. I’ll check this out. 19. “Thank You” really helps
almost everything. “Attitude of gratitude”. 20. “I GET TO…” – Thank you for this. I
have now adopted this phrase and it really does change my attitude, especially
when I am on the way to the gym with less enthusiasm than I would like! 21. Late
afternoon noshing. I can do better about this. 22. Our 2011 daily mental grind. We
must counteract it with the physical. Yes. 23. Get out into the world every day!!!
24. Boundaries – especially around food. So important! 25. Passion for life and
learning – Singing has become my great passion since I retired from teaching after 32
26. Guilty foods instead of Guilty me – I like that a lot! 27. Helpful hints about shape of
glasses. I am just dealing with that now. 28. I am also a “war years” person.
29. Congrats on your impressive life changes, Bobbie! You challenged cancer and won!
30. I was also a wannabe cheerleader, who didn’t make it. I was the Vice President
of the Student Body at my high school. I get it. 31. So sad about your mother and
sister. Your compassion no doubt grows out of this. 32. Cranberry tablets…Hmmmm…
33. Stevia. 34. “Everyone loves their neighbor just the way they love themselves!” I
totally get this.
Marylin Cooney


Testimonials for Bobbie's "Slim, Strong, Sexy Workshop" – which is based on her books


The “Find Your mini-Qs Workshops” that I recently attended were the first ray of hope I have found (after many attempts) in the losing weight/getting in shape battle. For the first time, no one was pushing hundreds of dollars of products I had to buy, nor solutions I couldn’t possibly find the time, or motivation, to implement. Instead I was encouraged to find my own path and chart a course to success that I developed (with guidance of course). For me this meant creating a phased approach using terminology and methods that I fully understood and supported. As someone who directs shows and provides professional corporate training and consulting services, I could easily relate to the teaching methodologies being presented here. I highly recommend everyone struggling with weight issues to “find their Q!” It has sure helped me!!!

Tom StajmigerPerformance Director/Corporate Consultant/Trainer


I found working with Bobbie inspiring and I got in touch with some deep-seated patterns inside which help me to unload a lot of the heaviness I felt. So I was able lighten up physically as well. Finding my Q has lead me to even more rewarding experiences as a lyricist, We are close to finishing a new musical called BOLLYWOOD AND VINE, based on a movie of the same name. The movie and musical book are written by Edward Jordon and the music composed by my writing partner, Daniel Neiden. We've had a great year with our family show Rapunzarella White. This month I began work on two more musicals which I'll keep secret for now. But check my website for updates. www.bozomoonshows.com <http://www.bozomoonshows.com/> Take a Q from me…it's a High "Q" uality way to live. Thank you Bobbie

June Ospa – Playwright/Theater Coach


Bobbie is one of the most inspirational people I have met in a very long time. After taking her workshop, I not only lost 30 pounds (Yay!), but, I was also inspired to start working on a new cabaret act, just a small step at a time. It should be ready to go by the beginning of next year. I am really excited about my life again. All those baby steps and small short-term goals really add up to major changes. Keep up the good work Bobbie!

Diana LeBlanc – Singer, Legal Assistant


I have known Bobbie for a long time. She is an outstanding individual with a huge intellect, plus she is not afraid to think creatively! I wanted to experience her workshop to gain advice for building my own "sports prof "personal brand, my sports textbook, and my sports education company …Sports Career Training Llc. Her insights and comments helped me crystalize my star and increase my own productivity. it was stimulating!!!"

Frank E. Cuzzi, M.B.A. – Sports Prof…The Complete Sports Manager ©2009


Thank you so much for your ongoing generosity and for allowing me to learn and gain from you each time I’m in your presence. I continue to learn so much from you and am constantly inspired by the incredible gifts you offer every time I’m lucky enough to be with you… My best wishes to you for another AMAZING and SUCCESSFUL chapter as your new book inspires all of us to be Healthy, Wealthy & Wow!

Richard Skipper – Entertainer/MC/Producer/ MAC Award Winner