On March 29th she was presented with the "2017  MAC Award  for Best Emcee"! (for the second year in a row! She also won the Best Emcee MAC Award in 2016.)  She's been hosting the  series,  "It's Just a Number",  which she also produces, at The Metropolitan Room in NYC for the past year.

Bobbie was a featured author at The Unity Center of New York Book Fair and will read an exerpt from her book,  "Fit nd Fabulous From Fifty Forwrd!"

She  was "Guest Speaker" at The Unity Center of Norwalk.

Bobbie has a long history of public speaking, having successfully communicated to others from a stage since she was a child. She won her Brooklyn Jr. High School’s prestigious Declamation Contest, succeeding Paul Sorvino and she was elected to the Presidency of New Utrecht High School through public speaking. Through her life she spoke at each of the many events and fundraisers she produced, including:

  • Talks abut her book Fit and Fabulous From Fifty Forward
  • The Drama Desk Awards
  • The Farewell To Bowie Kuhn Dinner,
  • The First Soap Opera Day Party,
  • Mr. Bill In Space,
  • The Confessions of Phoebe Tyler book launch, etc., alongside many celebrities.
  • As VP Education of the Tri State Chapter of The Association of Image Consultants International she spoke on many topics concerning Image to the group and it’s visitors.


You can click on bios and you can also click www.revealthestaryourtrulyare.com and see her resume on her blog.

Topics to help your business/organization:

  • Help your office, manufacturing plant or organization meeting room get a “YES!” the minute someone steps through the door.
  • What image do you want your major products/services to convey? Who is your prime customer? What does your prime customer need most?
  • Know the style(s) and color palette(s) that best convey your company’s or your organization’s message.
  • Learn to make this clear for your employees/volunteers.
  • Learn how you’ll save money by knowing the color palette and style that most matches your product and your prime customers’ needs.

Topics to help men and women Business Owners, Officers & Emplyess:

  • Know which hues and cuts of clothing harmonize with you will help you get YES more often. Then, if the employees own style and color pallette is different from the company's – how to add elements of the companies style to theri individual style.  The individaul can find the "frame" (clothing, accessories, etc.) that suits them and then add elements that help their artwork look like it also belongs hanging on the company's wall. 
  • Learn how knowing your palette(s) and style(s) will save you time and money!
  • Know which color to wear for which occasion.    -  This will help you win the job, the audition, the case, the date, etc.
  • Learn to use clothing, accessories and your hair to optimize your shape.
  • Learn which items you own now  can be incorporated into the outfits that work for you.
  • Learn how to organize your closet to speed up dressing and always look “put together”.
  • Learn how your painting can hang on the wall of someone (or some businesses) that has a style that’s different from yours.

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