Individual Consultations & Sessions

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Color & Style Analysis 


  • Learn which hues most harmonize with your skin tone, hair and eyes. Wearing those hues will make you appear more “authentically you”, rested, healthy and youthful.

  • When you walk into a business meeting, an interview, a social occasion, people will “get you” and your value very quickly!  They’ll get “The Star You Truly Are!” the moment you enter.

  • Save Money and Time. You won't buy clothes that don't work for you. You will need fewer items because your clothes will all work together. You'll have your fomal clothes and your business and casual pieces – and you'll even be able to mix a few of those. You'll save time shopping and dressing will be a snap.

  • Allow 2 – 2 & 1/2 hours for the session.

  • You were born a work of art that remains throughout your life. The Analysis will last you a lifetime. Note the possible exception below.


Color Psychology


  • Different colors have different vibrations and subliminally affect people in different ways.

  • Good advertising agencies know how to use this science. Why shouldn’t you?

  • It Requires having had a Color/Style analysis by Bobbie or another Image Consultant

  • Allow 45 minutes

  • When you combine Color Psychology with a Color and Style Analysis allow another 45 minutes to your session.



Individual Wardrobe Analysis


  • An analysis of what you already own.

  • You’ll learn which items can still work for you, even if they don’t exactly fit you’re unique styles and color hues. You’ll learn how to coordinate them with Clothes you have that do and with new clothes you can purchase

  • Allow one or more hours depending on the number of items you own.

  • Note: If you live more than a half hour from  Midtown Manhattan speak with Bobbie to arrange transportation to your home.



Individual Consultation to “check out” a specific outfit(s) for a specific Purpose


  • An analysis of an outfit(s) you already own, for a specific meeting, audition, performance, speaking engagement, etc.

  • You’ll learn why it works or doesn’t work

  • Accessory suggestions will be given when called for

  • Allow a ½ hour consultation per outfit.

  • Note: This requires having had your colors/style analyzed by Bobbie or another trained image consultant.



Closet Organization


  • Make life much easier on yourself! Dressing will take only minutes a day and your closet space will be much easier to manage.

  • Allow two hours in any one session.

  • NOTE: This is usually enough time to complete this service.

  •   Some people have many more pieces of clothing and accessories.
  • In these cases it may take longer and possibly require a double session. In certain cases it can take less time.


Individual Telephone Consultations:


Style Analysis – You will be asked to send recent picture to Bobbie. Your hues need to be analyzed in person by Bobbie or another certified image consultant.


  • Allow at least one 1/2 hour for the phone call.  

  • Handouts will be emailed to you.


Color Psychology – It’s best to have completed a Color/Style analysis by Bobbie or another Image Consultant before expecting a particular shade of an appropriate primary color to affect people the way you wish them to be affected.  Know the shade that harmonizes with your skin tone, etc.


  • Note: Color Analysis needs to be done in person.

  • Allow 45 minutes. If you need more than an hour, you may schedule an additional 1/2 hour.




Group Sessions and Workshops


Image Workshops Color & Style Analysis


  • In this workshop you’ll find out what your major color palette is and, time permitting, your secondary palette(s) and you’ll find out what your major style is and, time permitting, your secondary style(s)

  • You get the chance to learn from watching the others

  • Color/Style Analysis Limited to 15 participants.

  • Additional participants may attend but can’t be guaranteed having a personal analysis.

  • The session includes Swatch Book (Bobbie's cost for Swatch book is $25.00)


Color Psychology Workshop


  • In this workshop you’ll find out which of your colors or combination of colors to wear to achieve your goals in different situations

  • There is no limit to the number of participants enrolled in this workshop.



  Your Slim, Strong, Sexy Salon

Based on Bobbie's Book "Fit and Fabulous From Fifty Forward!"


  • We will use Bobbie's book, "Fit and Fabulous From Fifty Forward!"(if you haven't already puchased it – you can purchase the book by clcking then go to the top and where it says Author put in Bobbie Horowitz) 

  • These, reasonably priced on-going meetings will help you design the mini-Qs that truly work for you and that you enjoy and will continue with. to revise them

  • You’ll be with fellow “Slim, Sexy participants” who will root for you and you root for them.

  • Whatever is said in the group stays in the group – unless someone, specifically, asks you to share what they’ve said with others.

  • There are always healthy snacks on hand.

  • Come as often as you possibly can.

  • To find our when meetings are scheduled click on Schedule

  • As a bonus: At each session you'll receive a Mini-Reiki Treatment and you'll learn to give one.


  Slim, Strong, Sexy Find Your Private Sessions 

  • Your first session will be in person with Bobbie
  • Your following sessions may be by phone, should you choose this.


 Scheduling & Payment for Private Sessions

  • You may bring cash or a check to your individual session.
  • Group sessions and workshops may require payments in advance, so that Bobbie knows how to plan for space.  It will depend on the particular workshop.
  • You may pay by Pay Pal by filling out the form below.
  • Call or email  Bobbie to schedule and to find out the fees for the services you require:
    • 212-779-4956 
    • bh@bobbiehorowitz


Prices for Bobbie's Private consultations run from $125-$250/hour, depending on the service. Group Workshops are priced as listed.


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