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WHAT DOES A TEAM OF MIDDLE-AGED SONGWRITERS do to attract attention to their material when all else fails? If you're Horowitz & Spector, first you sing them in piano bars, and then you put together a show at the Duplex. And if that doesn't get some of those excellent ditties sung around town, it won't be for want of trying. The show is a well crafted bit of hokum that's so unpretentious and full of sincere bravado that it's practically irresistible. . .either inadvertently or deliberately, these ladies have concocted a show that satirizes itself, and the result can be screamingly funny at times. But aside from the laughs, there is another reason to see this show, and it's presumably why they put it on in the first place. Some of these priceless novelty numbers are just waiting to brighten up a set for the right singers.

Check out the show with an eye for the genuine wit in "The Nothing To Complain About Blues", Shows Ta Go Ya," "Boiled Chicken", and "Something's Rotten In Transylvania". And though I have a soft spot in my heart for this last, vampiricle one, with it's refrain, "He doesn't give me fang the way he did before,"the best is probably the hilarious "It Ain't Right," "A mockingly naive lament about love scorned and its consequences, it's good enough to have fallen out of the score of Chicago. . ."
Bob Harrington, BISTRO BITS, BACK STAGE 1987

". . .It's all too silly for words, but. . .this show is a hoot and a half. . .if you're looking for some good-natured laughs, Horowitz & Spector deliver.
Bob Harrington, CABARET review, NEW YORK POST

"The Duplex enters the season with successful holdovers from the summer. Horowitz & Spector continues their run."

"ATTENTION frustrated mommies, here's a gift for you:
Horowitz & Spector, the songwriting performing team, have written "Fudge Fish Cakes," a music video what will air on 250 PBS Station plus American Airlines. It deals with shoving nutritious foods into finicky kids. The Horowitz & Spector Solution? Slap a little chocolate on everything!"

Cindy Adams, NEW YORK POST

"The lively musical comedy duo of Horowitz & Spector bring joy to you at Panache encore. . ."
Florence Anthony, NEW YORK POST

At the Duplex: "Horowitz & Spector Sing Horowitz & Spector" is a new act at the Duplex that was 25 years in the making. Barbara Horowitz and Sharon Spector were at songwriting team at Brooklyn's New Utrecht High School, they recently reunited and do their stuff Thursdays at 8."
Renee Kaplan, NEW YORK NEWSDAY, 1988

"Panache Encore on West 45th has gourmet food and Class A shows like comedians Horowitz & Spector. Go. . ."
Cindy Adams, NEW YORK POST

"Horowitz & Spector won Honorable mention in two categories of the Professional Division of Nashville's Music City Song Festival for "Lots of love From Me To You" and "Something's Rotten In Transylvania".

A review from

by Lisa Joy Reitman-Dobi

Monday night January 29 was anything but dark at Don't Tell Mama. The big room was teeming with talent and camaraderie. One would expect nothing less when Bobbie Horowitz is the emcee and the show is It's Just a Number.

Bobbie is in love. Look at her bright smile, her shining eyes, that pep in her step. Watch her sweep across the stage, at once elegant and effusive, graceful and giggly. Bobbie is in love with life. And every installment of It's Just a Number is a love letter, sealed with a kiss.

It's Just a Number holds a special place in New York Cabaret. Bobbie Horowitz curates and presents a celebratory salute not to the newest performers, but the performers who continue to renew themselves. Each production salutes honorees whose continued creativity defines re-invention and defies traditional concepts of limitations. Bobbie's long running revue continues to bring together the cabaret community to perform and applaud peer accomplishments and celebrate triumphs.

Monday night's show, honoring Michael Colby, John C. Introcaso and Renee Katz, boasted a line up of performers who hit all the notes: high, low, comedic, compassionate, sophisticated, spontaneous and powerhouse.