Your Free Image Tip for May 2018


let your mind travel to the bright, joyful thought of 


When to wear YELLOW



Close your eyes, take a deep breath and keep breathing. Think of the space you’re in as being totally YELLOW

Every thing in it is YELLOW


•The furniture is YELLOW

  • The rug, if there is one, is YELLOW
  • The walls are YELLOW
  • The floor is YELLOW
  • The wall hangings are YELLOW
  • Your clothing is YELLOW
  • Your skin is YELLOW
  • The air you’re breathing is YELLOW
  • The light from outside or from any lamp is YELLOW




      Sit with in this YELLOW world for a while and then exhale.  How does YELLOW make you feel?


NOTE: YELLOW is placed as the third color on the color wheel, because it has the third-longest light rays (Red has the longest).  It’s been found that YELLOW can make people feel courageous and it communicates courage and power ! think of the YELLOW power tie for men.


YELLOW is great to wear, in small amounts to a business meeting. If your skin is very cool toned (have your colors analyzed to find out if your skin is cool or warm – this means the balance of blue and yellow in your skin. It sounds odd, but you can see yourself looking younger and more rested in colors that harmonize with your skin tone.), you can use YELLOW as an accessory, but don’t wear a whole blouse or, for a man shirt that’s YELLOW.



All colors have their positive and negative aspects.


While some YELLOW is powerful- too much YELLOW has the opposite effect.
Remember the term
YELLOW Bellied!  While “tie a YELLOW ribbon round the old oak tree is four courage, the other side of YELLOW has the opposite effect. They found that babies in totally yellow rooms had more colic than babies with just bits of YELLOW in their room.


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