Your Free Image Tip for August 2017


Are YOU planning to take more trips to the Beach?

Do you want to appear more slender on the beach?  
Do you need to look less “skinny” on the beach?



While you’re actually walking or reclining and lounging in the sand the color you’d choose on other days probably won’t work the same way.

Remember that when you want to appear slimmer it’s your best bet to have your body blend into the background in terms of the depth or darkness of the color you’re wearing. 




Heavier people are better off in bathing suits that are either the color of the sand – or – the color of their blanket,
if they have a blanket to lie on.



You might have a sheer stole that’s the color of the blanket and a light suit for walking on the beige sand.


Men can throw a colored “towel” around their neck or wear a thin shirt.


People who think they’re too thin are advised to do the opposite. Wear a light colored bathing suit while lying on the bright or dark blanket band


 Wear a sheer bright or dark stole while your waking on the light beige sand.