Your Free Image Tip for September 2018


Navy Blue 


Let’s start to think of the main colors in the color wheel and how they affect people. Remember, color affects people subliminally. 

NAVY BLUE - When should you wear NAVY?


Close your eyes, take a deep breath and keep breathing. 

Sit in the space you’re in and relax and take a deep breath in and exhale.


Think of NAVY BLUEpaint crawling across your furniture.

Then think of NAVY BLUEpaint crawling across your ceiling and covering it. 

Then think of the NAVY BLUEdripping down your walls and eventually covering them completely.

Now it drifts across your floor and then your rug, if you have one.

Now think of your clothes as turning NAVY BLUE


Breathe a while and sit with this – and then 


Think of the space you’re in as being totally NAVY. Everything in it is NAVY.
· The furniture is NAVY
· The rug, if there is one, is NAVY

·The walls are NAVY
· The floor is NAVY
· The wall hangings are NAVY
· Your clothing is NAVY Your skin is NAVY
· The air you’re breathing is NAVY
· The light from outside or from any lamp is NAVY 

Sit with in this NAVY world for a while and then exhale slowly. How does NA VY make you feel? 

NOTE: When we get to NAVY on the color wheel, we’re on the side we call “cool”. They’re cool because they have shorter light rays than the colors on the other side of the wheel. (e.g., Red, Orange, Yellow, etc.) RED has the longest. 

NAVY makes us feel safe. There is a controlled, conservative aspect to NAVY,, 

NAVY is often chosen as the color for police uniforms. bank tellers uniforms, in banks that have their tellers wear uniforms and other groups that are their to take care of us. The NA VY BLUE suit is a standard in the “traditional” corporate environment. NAVY is great to wear to an occasion that requires you to look sedate and that you are in control of the situation.. If, your skin warm toned (have your colors analyzed to find out if your skin is cool or warm), you can use NAVY as an accessory or warm it up 

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