Your Free Image Tip for July 2019


What do you think of when you see the color GREEN?

There grass is Green. The leaves are Green
We think of Money as being Green



NOTE: GREEN is placed as the fourth color on the color wheel, because it has the fourth -longest light rays (Red has the longest). 


  1. When you look at GREEN your body cunconsiously takes in feelings and thoughts and the words to describe these feelings may be: 
    1. Wealth
    2. Abundance in many areas
    3. Creative for growth
    4. Safe
    5. However, too much Green can appear Envious – and give you the feeling of lack



All colors have their positive and negative aspects.

It's so fascinating to me that almost everyone I've asked about the way each color family makes them feel – feel very much the same about each color family.


Wearing Green can help you feel more organized.

I also find it helpful to wear colors in the Color Family that goes with my Numerology for that day. There are 9 Color Families and 9 Number Families.  It can sound "a bit much" to some people; but I've found that haveing each of the color families on my body each corresponding to the number that day is in that nine day period – seems to send my body good vibrations.  I'm not a scientist so I can't say you must do this…but, I have found it works for many people.

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