Your Free Image Tip for February 2018





 (Last month I showed how Numerology puts us in a “Black & White” Year, which is quite unusual. In Black & White years we “deal with the facts and the tasks that need getting done”.

This month let’s talk about the, actual, first color on the “Color Wheel” – the color with the strongest force!  That color is….I bet you’ve guessed it!  RED

The Color RED what reaction does RED bring forth?

It  pays for me to go over the Color Wheel so those of you who are first discovering that you have more control over the Image you communicate to the world than you may have thought you had and those of you who are reading this and may not have worked with me,  personally, or saved my posts from previous years will have a chance to learn the basics of what the different color families communicate.  It’s always good to check out and how each color family “subliminally” affects people and you can use it to your advantage!

Those of you who are totally familiar with this information may want to share it with people whom it might help.


It’s interesting to note that Valentine’s Day – which falls in February – is noted for REDRED is HOT!


RED ­ When to wear RED? Let’s start with meditation – on RED

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and keep breathing. Think of the space you’re in as being totally RED. Every thing in it is RED (We hope this doesn’t happen!)

  • The furniture is RED
  • The rug, if there is one, is RED
  • The walls are RED
  • The floor is RED
  • The wall hangings are RED. 

  • Your clothing is RED. Your skin is RED. 

  • The air you’re breathing is RED. 

  • The light from outside or from any lamp is RED. 
Sit with in this RED world for a while and then exhale slowly. How does RED make you feel? 
NOTE: RED is the first color on the color wheel, because it has the longest light rays. Color is light and how it reflects on objects. It’s 

been found that a little RED is sexy and exciting and grabs attention! Many vixens in movies are dressed in RED.

RED is great to wear to an audition or to give a talk in front of a group in a large room. The larger the space the more RED you can wear. You can wear a full RED outfit on a Broadway stage, but just a bit in the agent’s office. If your skin is very cool toned (have your colors analyzed to find out if your skin is cool or warm), you can wear a RED that has some blue tone in it and if your skin is warm look for a RED with a yellow tone in it. Ask the sales person if your buying an out fit and can’t tell. If you have your colors analyzed you’ll usually receive a “swatch book” filled with the hues that are best for you.

Everyone can wear RED. It’s just a matter of choosing which RED.
Remember: “Too much of a good thing!”

All colors have their positive and negative aspects.

While some RED is sensual and gets the watchers eye quickly – too much RED, in a small space, can make people feel angry, argumentative and agitated. No joke! I’ve seen it happen. While an RED outfit is fun onstage, at an intimate interview a RED scarf, tie or notebook could work very well to command attention without overpowering the person you’re with.