Your Free Image Tip for July 2018


Light Blue 


Think of the sky or a lake or the ocean in the summer. Light Blue gives a sense of freedom.  It doesn’t seem to have closures. It tends to make people feel like they’re on vacation and can bring happiness and romantic feelings. 


As we’ve found out with the previous colors we’ve discussed, too much of a good thing can take on a different sensation. Too much Light Blue with no other colors breaking it can give a feeling not knowing where you’re going, a kind of “spacy “lack of direction.  


Using light Blue and adding other colors to define the light blue area can be a lovely thing to wear to inspire love. 


Remember to find out whether your skin tone is warm or cool. Light Blue is a “COOL” color.  If your skin is warm toned look for a more turquoise blue. You can find light turquoise items. 


Light Blue is a great color to wear on vacation or on a first date. (They've done scientific tests and found that light blue rates highest for 'romantic attraction' – a good tool to know about!) It’s wise to add a few darker neutral accessories so you don’t appear too “spacey”


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