Your Free Image Tip for October-November 2018


We’ve been looking at the main colors in the color wheel and how they affect people. Remember – color affects people subliminally.


For the past six months we’ve been going around the color wheel, which is set up with the warmer colors as you travel down the right side of the wheel and the cooler colors as you travel up the left side. 

Warm means more yellow in them than blue & more blue than yellow in the cool colors.



is a very “cool” color

When should you wear PURPLE?


Purple is known as the Spiritual Color


Close your eyes, take a deep breath and keep breathing. Think of the space you’re in as being totally PURPLE.Everything in it is PURPLE.  

                  ·The furniture is PURPLE

                  ·The rug, if there is one, is PURPLE

                  ·The walls are PURPLE

                  ·The floor is PURPLE

                  ·The wall hangings are PURPLE

                  ·Your clothing is PURPLE Your skin is PURPLE

                  ·The air you’re breathing is PURPLE  

                  ·The light from outside or from any lamp is PURPLE


Sit with in this PURPLE world for a while and then exhale slowly.  

How does PURPLE make you feel? 


NOTE:PURPLE is a “cool” color.  Cool colors have shorter light rays than the colors on the other side of the wheel. The cooler they are the faster they fade. When we get to PURPLEwe’re getting more ephemeral.  RED has the longest rays. PURPLE makes us feel spiritual. Think of the Pope’s robes. 


Remember that we said that every color has its Yin and Yang?


While PURPLE is SPIRITUAL on one hand – on the other hand it is governing(think of the kingly robes) …




PURPLE  is great to wear to an occasion that has a spiritual aspect,like a wedding or to services or for meditation. If, your skin is warm toned (have your colors analyzed to find out if your skin is cool or warm), you can use PURPLE as an accessory or warm it up with gold or bronze jewelry, or -for men – watches and ties and pocket squares.  Remember also that some PURPLE HUES have a bit of yellow in them.  When you shopping for PURPLE  and you’re warm toned ask for help In this area or shop with an image consultant who is certified in color analysis. Contact me and, if you’re in New York I’ll shop with you or I'll recommend someone to shop with you.  If you're out of the area  – I’ll recommend someone for you.

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