Your Free Image Tip for March 2019

Staying Warm While Looking Good


When I think of March I always think of the opening lyrics to “the song June is Bustin’ Out All Over” from Rogers & Hammerstein’s “Carousel”. 


“March went out like a lion Awakin' up the water in the bay”


It does get to be June – but in March it’s still gets blustery on many days and it can be quite cold.   It seems to me that in the past eight or more years the coldest time of year, in the New York area, has shifted from late December through early February to mid February through early to mid March.


I’ve learned that the best way for me to stay warm during the months of February and March and still look like I’m comfortable yet ready for going to a play reading or giving an image class and not stuffed into bulky work jackets is to wear soft layers of clothing in fabrics that shape themselves to my body.  I know this isn’t a new concept – however I’m sharing this with you in case you’ve forgotten it.  


A light long sleeved cashmere sweater with either a V or a rounded neckline (not a turtleneck) works very well for me over a long sleeved silk Turtleneck. While silk turtlenecks are very lightweight they keep you warm because the air doesn’t go through them. With the cashmere on top of it, it’s very warm and the two don’t take up that much space.   With a suit jacket or blazer on top of them you should be warmer than you’ve been.

Cashmere may cost more that regular wool, but you’d only need to own one or two of them – one in one of your light neutral colors and one in one of you darker neutral colors.  When I say YOUR neutral colors I’m suggesting that you see a color consultant who has been trained to show you THE COLORS that go with YOUR SKIN & EYE and HAIR coloring. 


They have come out with some regular wools that are slim and hold the air in.  I don’t know that they stay new looking as long as cashmere sweaters do. 


A soft comfortable scarf to go around the collar of your coat is always good have when it gets chilly.   Women have the fortune of having many ore warm hats to choose from. I have a faux fur hats and large headbands that keep my head and ears warm.  


Men can always wear trousers and in recent years it’s become more acceptable for women in business to wear them.  In freezing weather they can keep keep you warm.


Keep thinking of layers you can add to your outfit on cold days and enjoy them!



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