Your Free Image Tip for Novdember 2017



This month we’re up to the NEUTRALS. They can be either warm or cool.



(is considered a “warm” color – but remember that in any “color family” you can find somewhat cooler versions of that color)


When should you wear BROWN?


Close your eyes, take a deep breath and keep breathing. Think of the space you’re in as being totally BROWN. Everything in it is BROWN.  

                  · The furniture is BROWN

                  · The rug, if there is one, is BROWN

                  · The walls are BROWN

                  · The floor is BROWN

                  · The wall hangings are BROWN

                  · Your clothing is BROWN Your skin is BROWN

                  · The air you’re breathing is BROWN  

                  · The light from outside or from any lamp is BROWN


Sit with in this BROWN world for a while and then exhale slowly.  

How does BROWN make you feel?