Certified Image Consultant

ZOOM WORKSHOP #1   "How to Use Color Psychology"

Are you aware that each "color family" has a vibration that affects most humans' brains the same way?

You'll learn which colors will serve you best in different situations.
The 9 Color Families (plus the Black and White Family) affect almost everyone the same way. Each has a Vibration. You'll learn to choose your clothes for a particular situation from the color family that causes people to react in a way that gets you the result you want to get from the situation at hand. - e.g., investments in your show, getting cast in a specific role, a second date, etc. In Workshop #2.

ZOOM WORKSHOP #2:   "Use Color & Your Numerology"

When I first heard about this I thought "Yeah, right!"- I've learned that Each Number has a Vibration that matches the vibration of one of the Color Families. Learn how to find what Your Daily Number is each day & wear the color that has that vibration.

  • I'll convey how much daily comfort I get - $ I save and - benefits I get from choosing to wear colors that correspond with my "numerology" for each specific day. I had no idea this would happen!
  • You'll learn how much simpler & less expensive dressing will become!
  • When I learned how this works I knew I had to share this knowledge! You'll learn: How to combine Color Psychology with Your Numerology to:
    Get the results you want from your activities on that specific day.

You'll learn to Save lots of Money on clothing and Save lots of Time dressing.

Each Workshop is limited to 20 Participants. I've discounted the price for each since the Pandemic has lost work for many. Each workshop is now $75.00 (The price was $150 before the Pandemic lost work for many)