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What is "Dress To get YES"?


I’m smiling because, as a professional image consultant, I know that you’re a unique work of art. This is true whatever gender you may happen to be.

Do you know that?   I can prove it to you!


Let Me Help You Find The Frames Than Best Harmonize With You – the Art Piece.

Let me help you get a YES more often in your life.


Look at the same famous painting in two different frames:



image-consultant-new-york-2.jpg   image-consultant-new-york-3.jpg



Picasso’s Guernica

Which of the above copies of Guernica do you “get” more clearly and more quickly?



Image consultants often cite well known studies that have concluded that a person’s first impression of you is based:

  • 55% on your looks – the colors and styles you’re wearing (Color affects people subliminally)
  • 38% on your presentation – the way you move and sound

              This leave only

  • 07% for what you actually say!

This is true on a date, a job interview, an audition, meeting a new group, meeting the in-laws –  you get the picture.


What will make people want to say YES  to you, –  the minute they see you?

What do people want?

1. People subconsciously want you to be your authentic self –

2. AND – be someone who could fit in with them – at the same time!

Or – Lets look at YOU AS A WORK OF ART:

1. First and most important: They want a painting that is truly you

2. Secondly – They want a painting that will also feel right hanging on their wall

              Good advertising agencies know how to use color and shape to package products that sell.

                Why shouldn’t you know how to package you?



If the product  the ad agency packaged is less that truthful – in time people will catch on and stop buying. However they'll be drawn in before there is evidence to the contrary.

Allow me, a New York-based certified image consultant, to  teach you how to truthfully package “you”, so people will keep saying YES to you!


Let me help you discover the Picture Frames that best harmonize with   
"You The Work of Art”

i.e., the hues, fabrics and shapes of clothing and accessories, the hairstyles (+ for women)   he shades of make-up…  


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YOU can   

Dress To Get YES!!!