Bobbie Horowitz



I thank Hay House for the support I've been given helping people stay firm by presenting the process I went through.  I never thought i could restore my fitness. I'm thankful I discovered that it is possible to do and I discovered I could hnave FUN doing it!!






I thank my late spiritaul coach Barbara Van Diest for letting me know about her.
I met wonderful people though knowing Louise Hay and her teachings.


Learning through New Thought Programs 
I learned not only how to get myself in shape –
I also how to help others learn what I learned.





In my "Slim, Sexy, Six Week Seminars"

Participants Shed Lbs.(or gained pounds if that's what they need to do).  Many Added Muscle, Learned To Maintain Their Best Weight, Stayed Youthful,  &  More!

You'll Learn they’re not alone.

The group members become your fans!

You'll learn that the term special “Routine” does not have to mean “dull”!

You'll learn how to give a mini REIKI treatment
                                        (You’ll give & get one each week)!

You'll learn how to dress to look slimmer while you’re slimming down!

You'll learn to design your own daily "Get To Do " list
      (not "have to do") to help you reach goals in areas other than image. 
       You can design your 
list for your Career, your Family Life,  Social Life, etc.

You'll learn the positive daily "Get To Do's" that let your star shine out!
Participants have told me they learned how to make all of this FUN! 
Having FUN is a key ingredient that will help you keep these up! 


(I've been spending much of my time this year producing my cabaret series "It's Just a Number!" in which I honor people who are older and doing great things in their life! )

I  gave three Dress To Get YES! workshops in August.

I do plan to give a Fitness Workshop later this Spring 

                  (BH: Certified Image Consultant/Certified Reiki Master)



  In 1999 – when I as 59 yrs. I weighed 165 lbs!

In 2008 When I was 68 yrs. young
I was  5’6 & ½” tall and weighed 126 lbs.   

Now-  in 2018, at (soon to be 78 yrs. I'm 5'6 &1/2" tall & I weigh 128 lbs!


Between the ages of 57 and 63 I walked with a cane and was in pain all the time. I was taking medicine for Osteoarthrits and Osteoporosis and Gastritis and no medicine seemed to help.

I didn't take medication for over a decade! 

(if i needed a medication to heal something and there was no other way to heal –  of course, I would take it for a short period of time. Now for a short period of time, I'm taking the bone building medication again. I had just a tiny bit of bone density loss show up in my last test. I should be done in a few months. )


NOTE:  If I could release 40 lbs, keep them off, rejuvenate walk happily & gain having FUN YOU can reach your optimum weight  & have FUN too!


YOU Can be Fit and Fabulous at any age! (As fit as YOU can possibly be, which may not mean what we call "perfect"- but, given your previous conditions and medical advice you can be as healthy as possible. You'll be surprised how much healing can happen when you find the newest and best means to heal!)


I charge only $30/session – (5 wk. total $150.00) 

& $13 for my book – includes tax.  If you already have my book
you needn't buy it again 






"Fit & Fabulous From Fity Forward!" 
was Featured in 
 3  Louise Hay Book Fairs in 2017!
in Los Angeles, Tucson & Miami


 In 2016 it was  presented at the Philadelphia Louise Hay
"I Can Do It!" Weekend 

in  the Gallery and in the Exhibit Catalog!


I'm proud to have been interviewed about the book on Hay House Radio in the Fall of 2016!


You can hear the interview by clicking on this link:!/episode/awaken-the-author-within-13963



You can see more on my book's site:



Learning to design your personal "daily "get to do:" list that  will get you the results  you want ( men & women alike) – in terms of  attaining & maintaining your optimum weight, health (& success in in reaching your dreams) .  This may mean getting rid of weight or –  when necessary – adding pounds. You’ll Learn To Do it Your Own Fun Way! I’m jumping for joy because I can help you do that!!!!!    



(Please note that in the video gift I give you below – the shape of my mouth was still distorted a bit from a sever fall i had which caused me to break my jaw. That is now almost totally healed, as you can see in the pictures on this site and the connected Bobbie Horowitz Productions  site)



A Free Gift For YOU

Here is a video of the facial exercises that I do that I mention in the book. 
Click here and enjoy!