I'm offering my 3  “Dress to Get “YES”!” workshops this summer -at Special Summer Discount Prices &for a very limited number of participants.The workshops will be held at my apartment/office.

Please send me an email as quickly as possible saying which you’d like to enroll in. I’ll get right back to you to let you know if a space was available and you’re enrolled. I've already got some calls. 

WORKSHOP #1:  THE PSYCHOLOGY OF COLOR – Thursday, July 19th: 7–9 PM Price:     $99.00   Limited to 5 Participants

WORKSHOP #2: COLOR & YOUR NUMEROLOGY– Wednesday, August 1st: 7-9 PM Price $99.00  Limited to 5 Participants

(I divide this:  one session for Females One for Males – some feel less comfortable talking about their image when the other sex is present.
                Each is Limited to 3 Participants  – from 7-10PM and priced at $475.00
                Females: Wednesday, August 22nd
     Males: Wednesday, August 29th 


 I'd like to thank the wonderful people who participated in the three January workshops I offerred at the huge Christmas Discount. I would like to offer them again next year, if possible.  I also thank those who took my June workshops.

  • All the participants were from out-of town which was very interesting for me. They were extemely taken with the truth that presenting yourself as yourself is what's important and not, necessarily, following the "Fashion of the Day".  
  • They were a bit hesitant to talk about presenting themselves in New York, NY – until they realized it has nothing to so with being in "the Fashion Capital of the World". It has to do with each of them being in their own body and having their own body and personality clear in their own mind.


The First Impression you make is all-important when you enter a job interview, audition room, agent's office, or meeting with a potential customer.  It is formed within the first 30 seconds after you enter their space.  During those first 30 seconds, what goes on in the mind of the person you want to get a “YES” from – is subliminal.  He/she has no idea it’s happening. Therefore, YOU have control over that first 30-second impression! 


I'm presently offering a discount  for people who take all three workshops I now offer. (This isn't the same discount as the Holiday Discount was.) If you've already taken two of these workshops with me in the past and want to take a third, please let me know which worshop you took, when you took it and what you paid for it.  I'll be sure that the price of the third, that you sign up for now, won't make the prce of the three total more than the discounted price you should be getting with this offer.  


Note: The prices listed under each workshop don't reflect the discount you'll receive if you enroll in all three.

The discounted inclusive price for all three workshops is posted right after the Third Workshop listing.


1 –  "Dress To Get YES!"
(You Need Take this Only Once In Your Life!)


Good advertising agencies know how to package products to subliminally reach people. You deserve to know what they know.  I used to have what I called my “Lucky Audition Outfit”. After having my colors and style analyzed correctly – I found out it had nothing to do with luck. It was a good package for me. This led me to want to help you with this knowledge!


When you take my WORKSHOP you’ll leave knowing which shades of each color, which styles (cuts/fabrics/fit) most harmonize with YOUR body and energy and which shades of each color serve you best in different circumstances and which colors serve you best indifferent circumstances.  You will receive one or more swatch books of shades of colors that will serve YOU. You get a totally individual analysis in this workshop.  The swatch books cost me $25.00 a piece. I will be available for questions by email for 6 months after the workshop. Former attendees have told me "They got a great deal".  I limit this workshop to only 4 participants. You will get full invidual attention plus you'll learn from watching me work with the other 3 participants. 


Your price for participating in this workshop is $475.00. This includes your swatch book(s).  Note: I need to charge a higher price for this workshop than the other 2 because each person gets very individual attention. People tell me it’s more than worth the price because of what you get when you know how to come across as "the authentic YOU" and because of the money you save on dressing.The workshop is limited to 4 people (in some special situations 5). You will get a full individual analysis. I paid much more when I "had my colors done" several years ago – and I can see that I may have learned even more if I had learned it in a group! I've been told the workshop serves many people even more than an individual Color/Style Analysis because you learn from watching me work with the other people in the small group. All findings will remain confidential unless you prefer they be made public.

What you learn will last you a lifetime. (Your color(s) and style(s) don't change.) 

People ask: What do I do if and when when my hair turns grey?  Your hair may turn grey, but this doesn't change your color scheme.  The particular shade of grey YOUR hair turns will suit YOU. Feel free to ask me questions at the Workshop and afterward for No Additional Charge for up to six months.


PLUS at this workshop I will gift you copy of my book: "Fit and Fabulous From Fifty Forward"  

  • The principals in this book I wrote work as well if you're 16. I market to the older market because know the older people need this more because many have been trained to think that once you're over a certain age you need to expect health and fitess problems and not to expect to cure them.  
  • It it also serves as a great holiday, etc. gift for an older relative or friend.  
  • I wrote it because: I found a way to restore my strength and health – when I thought I never could!  People would stop me and say, "Bobbie!  You look great! No cane! You're standing tall and walking fast! What did ya do?!!!"
  • NOTE: You can find out more about it on




(You Need Take this Only Once In Your Life!)


In this workshop you'll learn from which Color Family to choose the apparel you'll wear for a specific situation – i.e., colors that will help you get the results you need to get in each of that situation. The colors in each Color Family have a specific vibration.  These different vibrations affect the brain in their own way.  You'll also learn which Color Family to choose from when decorating your place of business or your home.  Everyone seems to have the same immediate unconcious, psychological response to each of the Color Families. 


Each Color Family (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, Brown, Light Neutrals, etc.) subconsciously affects all humans (as far as we can tell), the same way.


You’ll leave my workshop knowing which Color Family to choose for your clothing, accessories, etc. – for each situation you enter into, in which you want to get a YES.  This includes auditions, performances, asking for money, going for a clerical job, serving clients, etc.


This workshop takes but an hour and a half and you go home with a list of all the color families and which color famiies serve you best in specific situations!

The price for this workshop is only $125.00.  You need take it only once in your life.  You can  call me or email questions to me, which I'll answer for no additional charge.




(Yep! Numerology)

I thought it sounded strange when I was told about this. I’m thrilled to have learned it so that I can pass it on to you! 
ou need take it only once in your life.


I'll help you answer any questions that come up for you – for no addiitonal charge.

(Shhh….You needn't tell people you’re using Numerology to dress.) 

 I charge  $150.00 for this one. 




Your Special Discounted Price for enrolling in All Three Workshops combined is $700.00 (total) You will save $50.00!

 Note – I keep my charges for workshops as low as I possibly can, because I want as many of you as possible to  benefit from them.



NOTE: I can also help you individually with specific situations:


 Individual Image Consultations

Please also look at the Image Consultant page in this site


When you enroll for a FULL INDIVIDUAL CONSULTATION you get my full attention for a two and a half  hour session plus an additional session in which you can bring a few items of clothing you own and pictures of items you might like to buy – for me to check out and give you advice about.  You also have 4 fifteen-minute calls with me in which you can ask me any questions you wish answered about what to wear to events of meeting that you’ll be attending.  You’ll get a swatch book of colors that work for YOU (possibly 2 swatch books depending on your skin tone.)  The swatch books cost me $25.00 a piece. You are not charged, separately, for them. I will be available for questions by email for a month after the workshop. You need only one individual consultation in your lifetime!

The price for an Individual Consultation is $795.00.  
(This includes the swatch books and all I mentioned for the workshop plus more! You have the entire time of the session to yourself!) I'm there for you when you have questions.  You'll be able to call me with questions for no charge for a month after your session and, if you wish, you'll be able to sign up for 3 month periods in which you can ask questions for a low tri-monthly charge.




Bobbie was Certified in Image Consulting by ICI and was former VP for Education of the Tri-State Chapter of: the Association of Image Consultants International. She is also an award winning songwriter/performer, entertainment producer. (She’s a 2016 MAC Award winner). She’s taught private “Dress To Get YES!” workshops. Among the clients for whom she’s presented workshops are: the T. Schreiber Studio, MAC, The Unity Centers of NY and of Norwalk, The NY Cornell Alumni Association.  In this seminar you’ll learn the questions you need to have answered before you dress for an audition or meeting with an agent, casting director, publicist, corporate hiring committee, personal client, etc. Learn what it takes to make people want to say “YES!” to you the minute you walk into the room – before you even say a word.



Bobbie is also the author of a book titled “Fit and Fabulous From Fifty Forward!”, which has been in the catalogs for recent Louise Hay, “I Can Do It!” weekends. 
You can visit my sites:, &