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Bobbie's show, "It's Just a Number!" has been nominated for the 2017 MAC Award for BEST SERIES!

Bobbie won the 2016, 2017, and 2019 MAC Award Winner for Best Emcee for the series she emcees, produces, writes for and performs her songs in called: "It's Just a Number!" In each show Bobbie honors someone over the age of 50 who is doing something wonderful in their life. Most honorees began new great endeavors well after they reached age 50. Performers of all ages sing, do comedy etc. to honor the Honoree.

Bobbie was correlated as Princess of The Beaux Arts Society June 2016 - June 2017.

It's Just a Number

This series became a cabaret favorite and ran successfully from its opening in 2015 until COVID 19 caused it to close. All the dates below are linked to the flyer created for that show. All flyers by Glen Charlow Desktop Publishing.

February 12, 2020
This was the last performance of "It's Just a Number!". This show honored: Terry Levy, George Kimble and Goldie Dver. There was another "It's Just a Number!" planned for April and the flyers were being made - THEN COVID 19 HIT and it had to be cancelled!

"It's Just a Number" (2019 Shows)

December 18, 2019
Honorees were Lucille Carr Cafashan, Charles Karel, and Tym Moss. Performers were David Slone, Natasha Castillo, Kelley Karel, Ari Axelrod, Sue Matsuki, and David Sabella. Musical Director: Matthew Martin Ward and was presented at Don't Tell Mama.

October 17, 2019
On Glen Charlow's birthday I honored him along with Austin Pendleton and Margo Brown. Besides the honorees performing, other performers included Sandi Durell, Emily Ellet, Donna Elliott, Taydon Eagle-McAvoy, Maureen Taylor, Teresa Fischer, Kati Neiheisel, and Mischa Kischkum. Accompanist was Matthew Martin Ward and was presented at Don't Tell Mama.

February 7, 2019
Honorees were Jack Urbont, Carole Demas, and Ira Lee Collings. Performances by Yvonne Constant, Donna Elliott, Arturo Padilla, Bruce Clough, Natasha Castillo, Sarah Rice, Sally Darling, Josephine Sarges. (John M. Cook accompanist for Josephine Sarges) (Ian Herman was accompanist for Carole Demas & Sarah Rice) Accompanist for everyone else was Matthew Martin Ward and was held at Don't Tell Mama.

"It's Just a Number" (2018 Shows)

December 13, 2018
All honorees are well-known theatre people and still working!!!. Performers included Kenneth Gartman, Christina Conners, Natasha Castillo, David F. Slone, Renee Katz-Packer, Rita Gardner, and Andrea Bell Wolff. Accompanied by Matthew Martin Ward.

October 18, 2018
Honoring Valerie David, Bruce Clough and Donna Elliott. Performers included Sidney Myer, Sue Matsuki, Bob Diamond, Carol Shedlin, Peggy Eason, Ron MacClosky: as Groucho Marx. Accompanist was Matther Martin Ward and was presented at Don't Tell Mama.

May 31, 2018
Theater Resources Unlimited (TRU) founder Bob Ost was honored. Performers were Sue Matsuki, Jana Robbins, Randy Jones (The Village People Cowboy), Sandi Durell, Marnie Klar, David F. Slone, Esq.. Also celebrated Bobbie's birthday where all attendees were gifted a slice of birthday cake. Matthew Martin Ward was Musical Director and the event was held at Don't Tell Mama.

March 25, 2018
Honorees: Anita Hollander and Andre Shields. Performed in their honor were: Holland Hamilton, Dawn Derow, David F. Slone, Esq., Warren Schein & Natasha Castillo. Accompanist: Matthew Martin Ward.

January 29, 2018
Honored Michael Colby, John Intrtrecaso and Renee Katz. Performers were Sidney Myer, Christine Lavin, N'Kenge, Anita Hollander, Peggy Eason, Denise Spann-Morgan, + the Honorees, and possible surprise guests. Musical Directo was Matthew Martin Ward and was presented at Don't Tell Mama.

"It's Just a Number" (2017 Shows)

November 19 2017
Honored: Sally Darling and Bob Diamond. Performed: Gretchen Reinhagen, Champagne Pam Lewis, Warren Schein, Lisa Yaeger, Barbara Malley, Paul Rhodes, Ann Kittredge, Ronald MacCloskey, and Layla Page Fields. Accompanist was Matthew Martin Ward and was presented at The Triad, NYC.

September 18 2017
The BWW News Desk announced: "Bobbie Horowitz's "It's Just a Number" Returns to The Metropolitan Room to honor Meg Flather & Frank Dain" Featuring Llisa Viggiano, Lennie Watts & Natasha Castillo. This two-time MAC Award winning series at The Metropolitan Room, hosted by songwriter, performer, producer, Bobbie Horowitz, intends to open America's eyes to the fact that every age can be filled with vitality. People over age 50 are still cookin'! Teens, 20, 30 & 40 year olds come on in to see great performers & learn you don't have to fear getting older. It's just a number!

May 15 2017
Horees: Peggy Eason, Ryan Keating, and Tex Arnold. Performers wer: Natasha Castillo, Brian Gari, Marnie Klar, Sue Matsuki, Richard Skipper, Robyn Spangler, Mikel, Bryon Sommers, Denise Spann-Morgan. Also a few words from Russ Woolley & Scott Barbarino. Musical Direction by Bryon Sommers and was presented at the Metropolitan Room.

Warren Schein and Bill Zeffiro
January 16, 2017
March 20 2017
Top performers Entertain to honor Rev. Shawn Moninger, Father Jeffrey Hamblin, & Bd. Pre. Carol Ostrow. Three beloved people. Past age 50. Who contribute greatly to both Entertainment & Spirituality. Performers: David Friedman, Adam Shapiro, Tanya Moberly, Stephen Hanks, Kelley Karel, Mark-Alan, Kenneth Gartman, Linda Kahn & Maria Corsaro & The St. Clement's Choir: Mark Jonas, Sarah Rice, Julie Reyburn, Rosemary Loar, Sierra Rein, Mark Watson & Janice Hall. Bill Zeffiro was Musical Director and was presented at the Metropolitan Room.

January 16, 2017
Honoring: Warren Schein, Sue Matsuki and Alex Rybeck. Performers were Linda Amiel Burns, Lynn DiMenna, Marcus Simione, Maria Ottavia, David F. Slone, Esq., Joey Infante, as well as each of the honorees. Bill Zifiro was Musical Director. This show was Sold Out!

"It's Just a Number" (2016 Shows)

November 14, 2016
Honoring Fran Handman with performances from Rosemary Loar, Warren Schein, Megan Loughran, Sue Matsuki, John Koprowski, Wendy Scherl, Elaine St. George, Jacob Storms and Deborah Stone.

October 6, 2016
Honored Stephen Hanks on his 60th birthday. Performers included Meg Flather, Charlotte Patton, Barry Levitt, Sean Harkness, Patricia Fitzpatrick, Barbara Porteus, Laurie Krauz, Lisa Jason, Rosemary Loar, Mark Nadler, Peter Napolitano. Bill Zefiro was Musical Director.

May 26, 2016
Honored Jim Speake and it sold out.

"It's Just a Number" (2015 Shows)

October 1, 2015
I honored Stephen Hanks. Mark Nadler, Meg Flather, Shawn Harkness, Charlotte Patton, Laurie Krauz, Barbara Porteus, Barry Levitt, & Peter Napolitano entertained in his honor. It was Stephen's birthday and…Adam Shapiro baked him a cake!!!

August 24, 2015
I honored Phil Hodges & Ken Blanchard (Cornell '61) who each had successful and well known management consulting practices and in their 60s joined forces to write "Lead Like Jesus" and train groups of young men, women and teens to lead with love and respect. They each wrote books before joining forces. Ken's book "The One Minute Manager" is well known by many. The Top Performers were Carolyn Montgomery-Forant, Baby Jane Dexter, Kim Grogg, Paul & Rochelle Chamlin, Marcus Goldhaber, Dawn Derow, Jacob Merrick Storms, Marni Klar, Tracey O'Farrell & Marsha Mercant! The audience got to see them all in one show!

July 22, 2015
I honored the ever-exciting Phyllis Weiss Haserot - She has been dubbed "the Cross-Generational Voice." She is a passionate champion for cross-generational conversation at work, helping organizations solve their inter-generational challenges so that they attract and retain clients and employees of different generations, work more effectively in multi-generational teams and transfer vital knowledge. The performers included: Sean Harkness, Elaine St. George, Kathleen France, Randie Levine Miller, Liz McKendry, Danny Bacher, Eliana Gonzales & David F. Slone, Esq. Bill Zeffiro was musical Director.

June 23, 2015
I honored the amazing Peggy Eason who began singing after retirement and while working full time was president of her local chapter of The NY State Civil Service Employee's Union. She was nominated for the 2015 MAC Award for Best Female Vocalist. Perfomers included: Sue Matsuki, Richard Skipper, Bryon Sommers, Warren Schein, Natasha Castillo, Ivan Farkas and Karl Elliman will say a few words about Peggy. Bill Zeffiro was musical Director.

May 27, 2015
I honored Edythe Eisenberg who wrote her first story at age 92 and it was so good it was made part of a presentation at The Player's Club!" Performing in her honor were: Sarah Rice, David F. Slone, Esq, Stacy Sullivan, Karen Mason, Deb Berman and (drum roll) Surprise Guest Jana Robbins who happens to be Edythe's daughter, who's appeared on and produced for Broadway!

April 11, 2015 (Debut show)
I honored Alice Fisher, Founder of "The Radical Age Movement!"
Alice also serves as Outreach Director for State Senator, Liz Kruege, Jim Brochu & Steve Schalchlin, Adan Shapiro, T.Oliver Reid, Carly Ozard, Warren Schein, Barb Malley & Bob Diamond, Ken Gartman & Raissa Katona Bennett & Kelley Karel performed in Alice's honor!