Bobbie's New Book

"Fit and Fabulous From Fifty Forward"


To see the site about my new book open a new window  – Click on or copy the link below and paste to a new browser page.

I'm very excited about all that's happening with the book and I'm thrilled that so many are telling me it's helping them. Note – that following what I learned (necessity is the mother of invention!) about getting and staying as healthy and fit as you possibly can be at any age is a "spirit lifter". 


Yes – we still have some illnesses, etc. on this planet for which cures haven't been found. However, there are a lot of new findings and Idiscovered that we often have question diagnoses we're giving and do our own research before accepting the treatments recommended. While it's good to be aware of what may be living in you, it's your job to check out all the research that's been done in the area. It helped me restore my health (actually improve on what health I had when I called myself "heathy"!)


In my book Iguide you to find what's best for YOUR body in terms of eating, excercising, taking supplements taking medical prescriptions – when they're absulutely necessary. You get do develop YOUR OWN SIMPLE DAILY PLAN THAT IS FUN FOR YOU TO DO AND STICK WITH!


If you're in NYC on November 14th I'll be having a book signing at 8AM at the Louise Hay "I Can Do It!" conference at The Javits Center.


If you'd like to hear my interview that aired on Hay House Radio on 10/33/15.

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