Unsolicited Recommendations

  • "Fit and Fabulous From Fifty Forward" (It actually will work for you at any age. Click on the Author page to get info on buying this book. It's been helping many people. Many people have recommended it and their comments are listed on this ste.
  • "Eat For Your Type" by Dr. Peter D'Adamo
  • "Aging, Fight It With the Blood Type Diet ®" by Dr. Peter D'Adamo
  • "The One Minute Manager Gets Fit" by Ken Blanchard, D.W.Edington, Marjorie Blanchard
  • "Refire Don't Retire" by Ken Blanchard
  • "A Course In Weight Loss" by Marianne Williamson
  • "Sleep for Success!" by Dr. James B. Maas, Rebecca S. Robbins Cornell University, with Sharon R. Driscoll, Hannah R. Appelbaum, and Samantha L. Platt
  • "The Thought Exchange"  by David Friedman
  • "The Art of Joyful Aging" by Joanne Turney Bauers
  • "Gold" by Harry J. Getzov
  • Products made by Isagenix International


a. The supplements, cellular cleansing products and Nourishing products. They've been working for me and thousand of others for quite a few years now. I started using them when the company was only 3 years old. Many new products have been added to the line since then. The Cleansing has also been made easier. What I love about the mineral cleansing is that I feel and look like a window that's been washed on both the outside and the inside. You get a kind of "glow"

b. The Skin Care line, now called "Rejuvity" . I have never seen products soften lines like these do! The products work for men and women! Please visit my Isagenix site to find out more. www.bobbiehorowitz.isagenix.com

WATERX Water Filters

I very highly recommend WaterX for water filters and shower heads, etc. I’ve been their customer for over 10 years now and I’m more than satisfied with their products and their service.  I see the difference having all the chlorine as well as all pollutants removed from my water makes on my hair quality and the smoothness of my skin.  You should see my plants! They are thriving.  My building has to have water filtration (and it does)because I live right near the East River. He building filter, I’ve learned can’t remove all the impurities and disinfectants that can be stressful to hair and skin. I’m surprised at how reasonable the WaterX filters are.  I also enjoy the pleasure of dealing with a family business that is truly there to serve it’s customers.   There site is http://waterx.homestead.com/home.html. If you call them please let them know that Bobbie Horowitz referred you. I asked them if I might recommend them on my site and they asked if I’d have people who saw them on my site let them know they found out about WaterX through my recommendation. The company is located in Cincinnati and their phone number is:





Please contact me for the way to reach the people I recommend
                     WEB DESIGNER & WEB MASTERS
  • Glen Charlow – Glen has been helping me update my site.  He's the fellow who designs the flyers and handouts for the shows at Don't Tell Mama! and other small music venues. I believe the ads he's designed for "It's Just a Number!" have helped me fill the room and win 3 MAC Awards – 2016, 2017b& 2019 – as Best Emcee!
  • Bill Ades – NY Web Studio 9 http://www.nywebstudio9.com Bill designed my site and helpedme arrange it for several years.

He has not only the talent of and artist with a special eye – but also the talent of a human who can see into your soul and communicate just what you want to communicate.   He understands color and style, which are so central to the work I do. He captured my color and style in the site he designed.



  • Jeunesse Hair Salon – Ask for Gladys   –  891 9th Ave #1
  • Colon Lively –  I met Colin at my Image Consulting certification party many years ago. He has a sense of color, like no other hairdresser I've used – and some were wonderful.

         NAIL CARE

  • Julia at Davidov Hair Salon – 659 2nd Ave 



  • NOTE:

If you want to train to be an Image Consultant, there is an excellent company that provides this training. 

  • This is the site: www.imageinstitute.com. 
  • The woman who heads it up is Karen Brunger. 
  • I buy color swatch books, drapes, and other items from her company.  I've never been disappointed.
Doctors, Fitness & Naturopathic Health Care & Healers

Dr. Susan Fromer

She and her brother run the Fromer Eye Care Centers. I feel bless to have had her recommended to me by Eyes on Broadway. She removed cataracts from both my eyes and I feel as though I've experienced a true miracle!


Glasses made by "Eyes On Broadway".

                    If you ever need glasses or contact lenses and you can get to the NY area please  visit Eyes On Broadway. Here is their Website. 

Before having cataract surgey I always bought  my glasses from them. I no longer need glasses. 

I was always cared for and I’m treated like family at Eyes On Broadway. Here is their url.  http://www.primaryecp.com/eow/location_finder.aspx .

Barry Bamberger, who manages this location, treats you like family.

Louis Sarantakos D.D. is the optomotrist on hand and he s excellent. He recommended Susan Fromer to me when I needed cataract surgery. 


Dr. Theodore Antonetz Is the Foot Doctor who has made it possible for me walk. If you have a probelm with your feet and many senors (and younger people do) I advise you to find his listing in NY. You can view his ratings at:


Dr. Bradley Wasserman Orthopedic Surgeon​

   Thankfully, I haven't needed surgery. What he did do was lead me to a path of healing an area of my shoulder that I'd fallen on.  If he could heal that after I couldn't heal fo over a year – I recommend him to all.  He also guided me to the Langone physical fitness center (connected with NYU Hospital) and they were great.3. 4. My shoulder is fine and I needed no surgery!





Nicholas Ortner

    Nick's Tapping Solution(s) have worked wonders for me.

    His book The Tapping Solution is excellent.

I found his 7-week Tapping for Money Issues online course to be remarkable. I'm    so glad I found it. Go to www.nickortner.com. to get more information about him.



Shoe Stores

Eneslow Shoes

  • Eneslow is a shoe store that has a podiatrist on staff on site. They make the most helpful orthotics on site, They carry a variety of shoes for men and women. This store is one of the major reasons I'm able to walk at least a mile and a half per day and often up to four miles per day.
  • Abdul is the man I totally trust to see that my orthotics are fitten and made properly. 
  • Their website is: http://www.eneslow.com/home.cfm
  • I go to the store located at: 1504 Second Avenue @ 79th St and I see Abdul. He has helped my feet amazingly.